Here's a set of three small single-cylinder designs.

KTM has been leading the way of late (again) by investing in quality design for smaller machines such as their beautiful little 125/200/390 Duke.

Looking at the equivalent small bike offerings from Japan, it's easy to see where the bottom line has taken precedence over design smarts.

Taking inspiration from KTM's fantastic efforts, I came up with some theoretical designs for BMW, Honda and Ducati. The BMW takes a horizontal cylinder off the boxer and rotates it 90 degrees down the axis of the bike. Ducati, same deal by lopping off the vertical cylinder. The Honda has a pressed steel frame and is somewhat of an homage to the original Dream.




Just like George Lucas, I reserve the right to fiddle with previous projects ;-), here's a rework of an old project, now with added purple gradient!



 Middleish 2013

Just revisited the 'X1224 Bike' briefly to place it in a more off-world setting. It seems you can never go too far to find a decent road these days:-) I also enjoyed designing the 'freight rocket' which would allow our intrepid riders to get away from it all.



Added a selection from our huge graphic design and artwork portfolio. Logo design, illustration, art direction and layout are all part of our extensive design province, and have been for the past 20 years. Maybe there's something that we can do for you? Email us HERE


New motorcycle design: Shadow Boxer Project -
the first of many scheduled for release in 2013!

 And we're already off to an exciting start for 2013! Working alongside some incredibly clever people in 2012 was a real highlight, including the geniuses at Asiga. This is where TCD learned all about the cool new world of 3D printing, and got all interested in making solid models from the extensive catalogue of TCD design projects so far completed but only ever existing as rendered pics - especially the motorcycle design range.

As a test case, we designed, modelled, rendered and then output a brand new helicopter design just to get a feel for the requirements of the file format required. Going from concept to highly detailed output model was FAST, and the feeling was incredible to hold something that was once just a wispy thought, in the palm of your hand!

For sure there were a few of lessons learned along the way, but now we know how to do this, it was well worth the trouble, time and expense.We're hoping this will be both a way of bringing examples of TCD projects to you that you can purchase and own, as well as a service offered by TCD for any design requirements you may have.

We envisage limited runs of models in either polished pewter or hand painted resin, depending on demand. Finished size should be around 100mm - 130mm long. I will keep you posted as things develop on this line, I'm wanting to do the V-Rex as the first model available, and then the others.
Email Tim if you want any further info or details.

Above: A simple sketch to guide proceedings and kick off the 3D modelling.

Above: Early test renders. Model features a highly detailed interior.

Above: A proper surface render. The split cargo doors open.


Above: The box full of goodies arrived - it must be Christmas!
OK then... better put it together.


Mid-Late 2012

Added some photography samples from various published magazine articles click image below for more

A New Motorcycle Design from Tim Cameron Design

The X1224 or ‘Mars Bike’. It all started with a set of sketches that can be traced back to the original TCD ‘NASA bike’ idea from 2004, with the unhinged notion of a bike that would look at home in an ‘off-world’ landscape. It may well be argued that this type of sci-fi thinking was already somewhat of a ‘mission accomplished’ for us here at TCD, with designs such as the V-Rex already rolling down the street.

The X1224 design is a blend of sportsbike, motard and adventure bike elements, wrapped up in bodywork with plenty of cranked lines and angles and a splash of implied advanced technology through the use of hexagons and polygons in many details along with blue-anodised fittings, all in a layout which could well house something aside from a conventional petrol engine, most likely a compact diesel-electric or hydrogen-electric hybrid drivetrain. Power is transmitted to the alien terrain through a two-wheel drive, electric motor-based transmission.

It feels pretty good to get back amongst the pixels, and we hope you enjoy this one as much as we did coming up with it. There’s a few more in the works, and now we’re back at it, we’ll let you know when they’re cooked. Print res renders for this one are available, along with any further details you would like.

Drop us an email at:


 Colour scheme still being worked on


Well finally it happened. I came face to face with the 'dream'. Attending the Australian Motorcycle Expo at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre on Feb 18th and 19th, I was able to meet with Steve Leach, owner of the only V-Rex in Oz, rebadged as the 'Beond Bike'. I got to chat with Steve, sit on his beloved machine - which he told me proudly he commutes on everyday - and later I even managed a generously offered spin through downtown Surfers Paradise complete with rolling wave of 'holy crap-WTFs- whaaatz thaaat?' type comments audible from both sides of the street. Yes, a truly great day, many thanks to Steve who by his obvious enthusiasm for the machine has made me very proud as a designer. Here's a couple of slightly excitement-blurred snaps from the big day:


We have hit the ground running with some great expansion into the fields of product design and toy design. Pages showing these works are being readied as we speak and will be put up as completed. There is also a flood of new works coming to the motorcycle portfolio and a filling out and reorganise of the whole auto/truck portfolio.

I have also added a new page called 'sketches' to show some of the early drafts of some of the designs. Hopefully this gives you an idea of the very seed of an idea that is taken all the way to complete design. Let me know if you like it or if it is pretentious bullshit!

Mid/Late 2011

Man! What a year... I am planning on wrapping up a huge backlog of designs very soon. Will post a note when they are up. Also updates and additions to the 3D gallery.

Mid/Late 2010

Added a new design to the motorcycle gallery in the form of the VR-3. You can see the whole page HERE

Other news is in the form of 'finally we can talk about it'... back when the V-Rex first came out, an approach was made to
Travertson Inc. to have the V-Rex appear in the second Transformers movie as a part of the 'motocycle gang sequence'.
Unfortunately a couple of months later, those in charge evidently had a changed of mind. Now in perfect hindsight I say
'Thank God' as I have tried to make it through 'TF 2' and find it pretty much UNWATCHABLE!

Somehow recently I found a link to the website belonging to Steve Jung, a very talented artist responsible for a whole bunch
of concept artwork for Transformers 2, and found this image, reproduced here with Steve's OK. Ah to think what might
have been. Thousands? millions? of little kiddies playing with their transforming V-Rex toy with electric zapping whip!
Sigh. It was not to be!

Other news involves serious progress being made on the Skeletor bike. Will update the Skeletor page when I get the chance.

This image: Copyright © 2007 Paramount Studios. All rights reserved.



Early 2010

We are currently engaged in a general makeover of the website. We're adding a lot of background details, concept sketches
and other bits and pieces from the archives. Work will be ongoing for the next couple of months, so feel free to stop
by week to week as new items are added.

Late 2009

The V-Rex received an Honourable Mention for 'Best Eccentric' in's 'Best of 2009' Awards!

The big thing happening at the moment is the DVD release of 'Fast & Furious', the fourth movie in the Fast and Furious 'franchise'. This 'car' movie just happens to have one very cool BIKE making an appearance - the mighty V-Rex! Here's a couple of shots from behind the scenes, showing Paul Walker and Vin Diesel enjoying some V-Rex coolness.

In other news, A design guide for motorcycle designers has now been released internationally featuring design and research work carried out by Tim Cameron Design in liaison with IAG Australia. Link to story

The new hybrid motorcycle design continues to get press all around the world, with Bike India, Moto Magazine in Greece, Austria's Touren Bike and Cycle Canada running stories this week, as well as the Faster & Faster motorcycle blog and AutoBlog Green running stories as well on the web. We have been working hard on an extremely exciting local vehicle design project too which, of course, I can't say anything about (yet!).  

January/February 2009

The big news this month is the launch of the new hybrid motorcycle design concept called the CAF-E. This has already been picked by the European press as I guess it is quite timely. Tougher emissions rules and rising fuel prices have been threatening to put a damper on the current performance party which has been featuring some of the most awesome performance machines ever built. My aim was to say that the party can still go on, simply by application of existing hybrid car technology to motorcycles.

My focus as a designer was packaging all this technology in a fairly 'standard' looking design rather than anything as outlandish as the current crop of hybrid concept bikes. I chose the British cafe racer as a source of some lines (you can see a little Norton Commando in the ducktail) and I thought it would be fun to blend some older lines with brand new technology. There is a page for it in the gallery HERE, and you can contact me for a press release and high res print-ready images as well, via email

September/October/November 2008

Unbelievably busy few months! Our next major motorcycle design is now tantalisingly close to completion. You'll know about it as soon as it finished! Highlights over past little while include a two page story about the VR-2 appearing in the UK's MCN magazine, more US V-Rex press and exposure including being featured front and centre at the awesome Siggraph (Special Interest Group, Computer Graphics) conference in L.A. The bike's story was documented as a major fixture at the Newtek stand, since I used Newtek's Lightwave 3D to design and render the original 3D version of the bike.

There are TWO V-Rexes (Rexii?) currently to be seen at the massive SEMA show in Las Vegas, one on the K&N stand and the other with the gents at Prospray.

Other V-Rex highlights include confirmation of where and when the V-Rex makes its movie debut in 2009!

On slightly disrelated other news, 'Wired' featuring my 'space fighter' design in their on-line gallery.


Siggraph! Who's that up on the screen?


Hollywood star Paul Walker looking mighty cool on a V-Rex.

VR-2 coverage in MCN.

August 2008

This month I can confirm that the V-Rex will be appearing in a major motion picture in 2009! And although that's pretty much all I can say about that, a sniff around the web would probably enable you to work out exactly which one it is.

The bike is also making an appearance in LA at the massive and awesome Siggraph conference. Newtek, the makers of the software I used to design and build the original 3D concept, will have a 'real ' V-Rex on their stand for the week, as well as a video interview with yours truly explaining the finer points of the design process.

I have finally gotten round to rendering a short 'demo reel' featuring some of my designs in quicktime format. You can download it

May 2008

What a month so far! The new Diablo design has taken off with both German an Spanish magazines running stories about it, I am thinking of putting out one of the Diablo renders as a nice big wallpaper (1024 x 768). If you want it, just drop me an email

Also there is a series of articles appearing in 3D World magazine which trace the development in diary form of the V-Rex from my original idea and sketch all the way to rolling down the streets of the U.S.

I am also working on some car designs which will be added to the gallery shortly.

April 2008

The latest design, the Diablo has already gotten some press, with this month's AMCN featuring it in the news section.

There are more new designs on the way, including our first hybrid.

Vids vids vids! Clips of the V-Rex are all over the web. It looks GOOD in motion!
Click on these images below to see some of them.



March 2008

Some more stories are appearing in the USA this month, as various motorcycle publications both web and print-based, get to ride the V-Rex for the first time. One of the best articles so far is over on (direct link here) complete with a video showing the bike cruising around Huntington Beach. My favourite quote is the opening paragraph:

If Angelina Jolie strolled down Main Street naked, perhaps with her hair on fire, she might come close to attracting the amount of attention the Travertson V-REX does. - Kevin Duke

I'll add links to the various other stories as they appear.

Late August

The press coverage continues this month, with the latest issue of Australian Motorcycle News this week features a big story covering the Swann bike, and what it means for future motorcycling. Matho also gives a mention in his editorial, which is great.


Huge media launch here in Sydney for a major design project I have been working on for about a year, in conjunction with Sydney-based research organisation, the IAG Technical Research Centre. This organisation has been looking closely into ways to make motorcycles safer as well as cheaper to repair in the event of a simple tip over, and asked me for some input, which lead to the 'Swann Insurance Motorcycle of the Future' design coming about.

The media launch was kicked off by our very own Aussie motorcycle racing star Casey Stoner, currently leading the pack in the MotoGP series, who unveiled large images of the design, which features a virtual 'wish list' of items designed to make motorcycles both safer and cheaper to insure.

A HUGE story has just appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald sparked by this launch, featuring nice big images of the design. The story is up online currently here






We finally found a copy of this month's issue of Cycle World (July) out in the shops - both the US and UK based magazines take a good month to find their way over to Australia! It was worth the wait however, as Cycle World's Mark Hoyer wrote a fantastic two page story about the V-Rex. Four thumbs up!!! :-)

In early August there is going to be a major media launch involving a motorcycle design I have penned in conjunction with the IAG Research Laboratory here in Sydney. This motorcycle is being used to highlight some deficiencies in current motorcycle design as regards ease of damageability and cost of repair. More details will be added as the launch grows closer.


'Lotsa press' seems to sum up this month! Stories about V-Rex are appearing in major magazines stateside as well as in Europe, not to mention plenty of exposure here in Australia. On top of that, the announcement that Bruce Rossmeyers' chain of H-D dealerships will be distributing V-Rex has been made here. It looks like Travertson Inc. is going to be very, very busy!

Also, starting to become a topic is something I have been working on in liaison with staff from the IAG Research Laboratory here in Sydney, Australia. Serious in-depth research is currently underway into ways that motorcycle design can be improved as regards the expense of damage ocurring after a simple 'drop'.

With horror stories of bikes being 'written off' by insurance companies after simply rolling off the sidestand, there's plenty to be done. I believe this problem can be successfully tackled at the design stage without affecting the 'looks' of the bike very much, if at all. It would be no fun if your bike looked like a battleship just so that you could insure it!

I will be setting up an entire page on this website to go into this subject much more in-depth. For now , here is a
link to IAG's website on the topic, complete with QuickTime movies.

Oh and I started building Skeletor, my original thumper design from a few years ago. See here for more info.


Here is an interesting comparison image between the original 3D data (white lines) for the V-Rex concept and the final CAD version (red lines) from Christian. Even now I still find it astounding how close the two wireframes are.

Some stories are starting to appear about the bike. This week Ozbike magazine in Australia features the bike on the cover and in an 8 page centrefold pictorial. A french magazine called "maximoto' has also done a rather nice feature as well.

Bit of a roundup from Daytona. First off the bike won its class at the Daytona Beach Boardwalk Bike Show and Christian has a HUGE trophy for the mantlepiece! The bike was also entered in the world famous 'Rat's Hole Bike Show' somewhat reluctantly as Christian explained that the V-Rex is NOT a one-off custom bike, it's a PRODUCTION bike, but, according to Christian, they wouldn't take 'no' for an answer, and so for possibly the first time in history, a production bike placed in the TOP TEN out of 150 entries at this prestigeous show!

March 11th 2007

Daytona Bike Week has finished up. There's so much to do just to keep up. The bike has been causing quite a stir around the place! The story has also been picked up by a lot of bike news websites and other media and there's been plenty of positive feedback from the public which is just great to see. My favourite comment so far that really seems to capture the mood is " I don't know what that is. But it's awesome!!!!!" All in all a bloody amazing week and words just can't really express how proud and excited we are around here. As soon as those new pics and hopefully some vid arrive I'll post them here. Cheers!

March 5th 2007

Just received some more photos from Christian. The bike has just been on a 2 day photoshoot with reknowned photographer Mr Alain Sauquet.

March 4th 2007

Last night we received the first pics of the finished bike. This morning had to look again just to check I wasn't dreaming!
Stay tuned llike I said :-)