Tim Cameron Design created the styling package for the Aurora to give this insane bike a visually cohesive stance. An appropriate 'V' motif was used in the headlights and tail lights.


The bike features a V8 powerplant made up from two already powerful  Kawasaki ZX1400 engines - a longitudinally positioned, naturally aspirated, fuel injected, 4 valve, DOHC 2,575cc V8 engine delivering over 400hp and 220 ftlb torque.

The creator of the bike contacted us unhappy with the  styling that had been adopted. It was pretty grim.


The bike was already a rolling prototype, so we were able to work from hard points and settled dimensions directly in 3D to create a new look.


Main points of address were:

  • Allow for a transparent tank section to be able to view the two banks of intake trumpets.

  • Find a suitable area for the large oil cooler, whilst keeping the heat it would generate away from rider and passenger.

  • Disguising the bulk of the V8 and the intakes.


Original Turntable