Once upon a time, in 1928, a chap by the name of Ernst Henne bought and supercharged a BMW R37. This machine took an incredible 76 world records and at the end of the 6 year development cycle, it was good for an astounding 216 kph. Have a look HERE for the amazing story.

I didn't know that Ernst Henne's story was a part of BMW history until after this project had been completed. All I thought was that the boxer engine, so long a part of BMW's heritage, could benefit nicely from having a supercharger bolted on. Little did I know that this marriage had already taken place!

As this concept unfolded, it seemed a natural move to rotate the entire engine 30 degrees forward, opening up space behind the engine that extended above and well past the swing arm pivot - a great place to install the blower, gearing it conveniently straight off the back of the engine.