New website, now with added TCDness

Loving the new website builder - Wix - just awesome. I think of a feature I desperately need, and there it is. Right there!

Down to business, these are the latest little guys I've been working on under the heading of motorcycle design. It started with the Honda, then the BMW came out of nowhere, then the Ducati that had been hanging around forever whispered to me that it was actually a 250 and could I just remove the rear cylinder. I was happy with the three - but wait - The triumph just suddenly tugged at my shirtsleeve, its makings coming from a neglected R&D exercise from 2012, the Year of the Beast. A tiny triple would be so cool. Of course these bike will never be built, but I like to think they reflect a growing focus on smaller displacement machines. KTM, I love what you did with those awesome little mini-Dukes.

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