Swann Insurance

Swann Insurance 'Motorcycle of the Future' Study

The main goal was to make the concept as practical as possible, integrating damage mitigation features into the design process. We believe that you would be hard pressed to spot these features on the Swann Insurance Motorcycle of the Future without them being pointed out.

TCD coined the term 'Ablative Design' to describe the strategy of using cheaper sacrificial components in areas most susceptible to tip-over damage.


A $100 sacrificial alloy cover can take the brunt of a simple accidental fall of the motorcycle off the sidestand, instead of a delicate $2,000 muffler.


The Swann Insurance 'Motorcycle of the Future' Study  grew to eventually include the latest ideas in electronics, in the form of ABS, Stability Control, programmable cruise control and proximity warning sensors. Many of the ideas originally showcased here are now standard features in current model motorcycles.

A major design project realised in conjunction with Sydney-based insurance research organisation, the IAG Technical Research Centre.


This organisation looks closely into ways to make motorcycles safer as well as cheaper to repair in the event of a simple tip over, and tasked TCD to develop some innovative ideas in the area, which ultimately lead to the 'Swann Insurance Motorcycle of the Future' design.