Two FiTties

Three Designs for a growing sector

Honda Dream

An homage to early Honda small displacement motorcycles. This design features a simple pressed steel frame and a steeply canted cylinder. Twin radiators are mounted either side of the barrel.

honda 90.jpg
Ducati single

I've always thought more design attention should be paid to the 250cc sector. I admire KTM's advances in producing stylish, small capacity machines utilising styling house Kiska's distinctive flair. Ducati could bring the world another timely slice of cool street machine, with a single cylinder desmo powered mini monster.


bmw horizontal

Half a boxer motor, shrunk down and rotated 90 degrees and hey presto, a stylish single cylinder machine with the propeller logo on the tank. Radiator resides at the rear of the machine under the seat. Body work extends around the single rear shock.