"If Angelina Jolie strolled down Main Street naked, perhaps with her hair on fire, she might come close to attracting the amount of attention the Travertson V-Rex does."

- Kevin Duke,

Original 3D render


The King of V-Twins


Original 3D render

Original 3D render


Final Product

Ride Video

Ride Video



In 2003 TCD created a more modern interpretation of the 'cruiser'. Examples at the time looked like they had not moved on apparently since  the early '70s.

A new project was called 'cybercruiser'. The idea was simply to go in the  opposite direction of the  prevailing style, adding as many futuristic elements as possible.



Weeks were spent 3D computer modelling and rendering. The renders were published in a local bike rag. Soon after, legit magazines got interested and these images were then published all over the world.


This is how the design came to the attention of Christian Travert in the USA, the person responsible for ultimately bringing the design to life.


The V-Rex  has barely altered from the concept to the production model. Check the renders against the photos to compare the initial design to the final result.

The V-Rex's development is unique in that the engineering required was driven by the completed design package without compromise on Christian's part.  Travert describes what he did as 'building from the outside in".