We believe that the Apollo moon missions were lacking in only one area -  the low brow entertainment stakes.


By not slipping a feisty electric dirtbike in with the scientific equipment payload, the world is a poorer place for not having witnessed astronauts pulling   ‘big vacuum’ jumps over Tranquility Base. Those grainy, black and white broadcasts could have been livened up no end with NASA's finest kicking up moon dust aboard a bitchin' astro-sickle. Let's NOT make the same mistake when we go to  Mars, Elon!

Actually... this design is an earthbound mash up of sportsbike, motard and adventure bike elements, wrapped in angular bodywork with copious quantities of hexagons. The layout could probably house a decent sized fuel cell or battery pack with p
ower transmission to the 'alien' terrain via full time two-wheel drive.